Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunshine CLock


This is a fun clock that I found at a garage sale. You can take almost anything and make it fun with a coat of paint. I take all my clocks apart to paint them and then reassemble them. It is easiest. If your clock is not working but you like the shape, you can get the a new clock mechanism at Hobby Lobby or another craft store. I like to paint the pendulum to make it funky also. You can't see it in this picture, but the long shank of the pendulum is black and white striped, and then you can see part of the round circle  is a bright aqua with black polka dots. Just have fun.  To do the numbers, I find a font I like and then print the numbers on typing paper, cut them out in little circles for positioning them, and then transfer them to the face of the clock. (After you have painted it) Instead of graphite paper, ( which sometimes smudges) you can take the image, turn it over. You will be able to see the image through the paper. Outline it on the back of the paper with a pencil several times. This way, when you flip the image back over to transfer it, it will only transfer the lines you are outlining, on the right side of the paper that you have previously outlined on the back.  No smudges.  If this is as clear as mud to you,  just email me and I will try to explain it better. Well, my 19 year old dog is pacing, and when she does that I have learned  that means "I want to go out....NOW!" Ta ta for now.

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