Here are some examples of wall murals I have created.


  1. I'm an artist as well...and always enjoyed seeing comical designs. I may become your number one fan. lol

    I may even try to design some ideas along these lines ... I never play with that SIDE of me enough. Always so serious in my endeavors.


    1. I checked out your site, very nice work!! You are very talented..You will have to try some whimsical painting, but be becomes addicting!

  2. I love your murals. So FUN!!!! You are wonderfully talented. I am a fine art painter and teacher in my studio here in OK. I did a mural several years back for a hotel and others painted it on the concrete wall. I loved doing that and would love to do murals for children's rooms. I've just gotten into whimsical painting and truly love it all. So much more fun and so carefree compared to the traditional stuff. Just need more time, but don't we all. Whimsical art makes me smile. Again, LOVED your murals and chairs.