Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hannah's step stool

Here's a fun project that I built- YES BUILT- for my granddaughter. She was having trouble reaching the sink at home. I actually figured out how tall it needed to be, then drew a shape I liked, and went from there with the measurements I wanted for the little storage area and such.
I don't even remember what kind of wood it was, but I got it at Menard's, in the area where they have boards that are sanded, packaged with plastic and ready to work on. I just wanted a really nice board...
and I liked the density of them. I know, was kind of a waste because I could have gotten plywood and sanded it myself. ...but this WAS easier.

 I don't really have any before pictures because once I get going on a project I get excited and a camera is never right at hand. Now I have a really good camera in my phone, so that works really good. But too late for this project!

I got the images from a book called "A Day on the Farm". It was illustrated by Sue King, and I just love her creativeness. I drew them on freehand first, then painted them in. I can draw most things I see, but coming up with the cuteness is hard for me. Is it for you also? 

In process....Think it needs a few more cows...

Or a really big one!!!


The top step is hinged so that she can put small toys or treasures in it....

Or dirty would hold a lot of dirty socks......

The hardest part is starting, for me anyway. Once I get started, my mind comes up with all sorts of ideas.
 I hope you are have a great day.

 Remember: The rest of your life, could be the best of your life. It's all up to you!