Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fun Bookcase

So, does anyone out there have a plain brown bookcase like this?This isn't the actual bookcase, but you all recognize the basic concept.  I had a brown book case that looked kinda like this, and I made it into ...
this! I was tired of the boringness  (is that a word? spell checker says no..) of it, and started painting. 

I put striped legs on it, painted the sides fun, the middle black and white for a touch of contrast.. and of course doodled a lot on the sides and top!

A heart on one side, and a sun with funky flowers on the other side. 

I has no legs here! This was pre-legs!  
I like how it turned out. It is another one of those projects that I thought would be great in that color, but after I had painted it all, I was kinda tired of the green so I just covered a bunch of it up with art, and I like it much better. This has already found a home in Iowa, with a lady that has a many pieces of my painted furniture. I have never seen her house, but I bet it makes you smile when you see it!

Hope you are having a great weekend, it is supposed to turn colder again tomorrow and maybe even snow here~~ but I have faith that the warm weather will prevail! Ta ta for now, and keep thinking Spring!


  1. love this! So fun

  2. We love your page! Can you give us the etsy URL?

    1. Thank you so much! You can access my shop with the button at the top right of this page, or go to I do not have very much in my shop now, but I am working on some things. Just moved about 6 months ago, and started working again so I have been short on time (and inspiration) But back in the groove now, Just unpacking all my studio so I can get back to painting again. I took most of my things off Esty when I moved, but will have more soon. Glad you like my Blog, thanks for visiting! I checked out your page also, how interesting!
      Have a grateful day, Carolyn

  3. Me encanta tu arte. Es de toda mi onda. Felicitaciones!!!!!