Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bread Box

This bread box was a purchase from a garage sale. I wish that I was better at taking "before" pictures. I will have work on that!   It caught my eye because it was very rough, and was handmade by the  gentleman that was having the garage sale. I love one of kind pieces. I purchased it for $5. I painted it up and took it to the gallery, and it sold the first night. I have since done another bread box and it sold pretty fast too.


Maybe I should do more bread boxes.....hmmm. I have one in the studio now that I have been wanting to start on. It is all sanded down, and ready to be primed. That is the first step for everything. Sanding it, and getting the shine off of it. Then a coat of good primer to make sure the paint sticks. Sometimes I sand the primer, and sometimes I don't. Depends on how smooth it feels. If you want a really smooth feel, paint a couple of coats of gesso on after the primer, sand lightly, wipe it off good with a tack cloth,  and then apply your paint.  If you don't sand good, and then use primer, the paint will lift off. Sometimes, it  looks like it is stuck good, but if a person were to put a piece of scotch tape on it, and then try to take the tape off, many times it will pull the paint and polyurethane right off.

By the way, a good use for a bread box (besides keeping your bread in it) is to make it a charging station for your phone and ipod. Just drill a hole through the back for the cords and you have a nice little docking station out of sight.  That's my tip for the day.  It's Saturday night date night at our house so I had better get ready!


  1. love this! I've made over a couple of breadboxes too but made them into desk organizers

  2. What a great idea! I have not done that with them, I always think I will make them into a charging unit for phones and IPads but then I start thinking they are great just as bread boxes but I will have to do the desk organizer thing.. What did your's look like? How did you paint them? email me at if you want to share. :) Carolyn

  3. Oh, this is super cute. I love your style. I wish I was brave enough to try something bold and bright like that.

    1. Thanks Desiree. IT is just paint and you can always paint over it!The hardest part is just starting. Thanks for stopping by!

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